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What we’re about

Men Talking is an informal group of GBTQ+ men who are looking to be part of a community and interested in addressing the specific challenges that come with navigating our personal lives. Our primary activity will be online discussions about a range of topics that members find personally relevant. We will also host in-person events as members identify activities that appeal to and are accessible to the group

This group welcomes all self-identified men who want to be our authentic selves, express our feelings openly, share our experiences, foster our creativity, and support each other in learning more about how to live more fully.

We really like being with each other and hope you'll join us sometime.
This MeetUp is for any GBTQ-identified or questioning man, with a particular invitation to all of you men from marginalized communities where they might not find opportunities to explore certain issues. You don't need to have any prior experience in doing personal growth work or be at any particular place in your life in order to feel welcome. We look forward to seeing how this group evolves and ways it can fulfill its potential. The focus is not seeking sexual or romantic partners, although members are welcome to pursue those interests outside of group meetings.
We ask that each participant maintain respectful relationships with all other members and agree to avoid sharing what others said outside of meetings. If you have any questions about this group or would like additional resources, please contact me directly through a message or


Men from all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome, especially men who have never considered doing personal work or who feel skeptical about whether it could be helpful. These discussions are not a substitute for professional mental health services, and I hope they will add to each man’s healing process.