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What we’re about

Divorce, or just surfacing from one, is a modern rite of passage. We will exploring roles we had to become to be to get through the process and then to consider who it is we want to become once the the veil is lifted. UnBride Me Now gathers Peers Overcoming Divorce (PODS) to initiate play dates to with your psyche to liberate your mind for bigger and better things. This is a question and answer time to delve into this quest.
I was unaware at the time that this title also spoke to men and had received many sincere and profound emails from them regarding the topic of untangling one mind and soul from an ex-wife. Men take very seriously the vows of marriage and the dissolution of those vows leaves its mark. Because their work was so exciting and yet threatening to the women in the group I have decided to start a story board for the Men's quest.

I will be using the Godfather Trilogy as the place to begin the discussion on the role divorce plays in the life of men. Most of the men who responded were shaped by that generation of film makers and relate deeply with the characters. These discussions will inform me of your needs when on the road to being whole again. Then we design the monkey bars for a potent ritual for each significant phase of the process. The curriculum will be shaped by it's members, I will hold the container and the structure for the deep work. I will call in some big whigs in the field of Narrative Medicine to document our work.