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Welcome to Club Limitless: Visionary Entrepreneur Association! At Club Limitless we believe that every entrepreneur has a vision for their business and we provide a variety of events and courses throughout the year, both in-person and online, to help entrepreneurs sharpen their business skills as well as Network and Mastermind with other Visionary Entrepreneurs who understand what it's like to have passion for your business vision and who “get”what you talk about instead of looking like a deer caught in headlights when you start explaining your business visions, like so many non-entrepreneurs do. Join our group to be notified of our upcoming events in the Saint Paul, Minneapolis and Woodbury Minnesota areas. Including our signature “Club Limitless: Wine Bar After Work Mixers”. WildFlower believes that it's not only possible to “Have Fun Making Money”, but it's an absolute necessity for entrepreneurs. Because if you are an entrepreneur, it means that you have a vision that goes far beyond what you could ever do while working for somebody else helping to make their business dreams come true. When you have the courage to pursue your business goals and actively harness your passion and drive to go forth and achieve your business dreams, you are fully engaged in your purpose and you are living the life of your dreams on your terms always envisioning the goal of having complete and total financial and time freedom. That is her definition of being the hero of your own business story. Club Limitless events helped to inspire you to achieve your true limitless potential. \ \ Club Limitless: Visionary Entrepreneur Association was founded by WildFlower, a 20 year maverick entrepreneur, who launched her first business, VIP Global Media - The Organic Advertising Agency specializing in Celebrity and Business Branding, in 1997. Since then, this Advertising Exec / former College Professor / Musician / Life & Business Transformation Coach / Psychic Medium / Web & Graphic Designer / Celebrity Branding Specialist / Author / Speaker / Radio & TV Host / Executive Producer and Entrepreneurial Diva has helped thousands of people to create successful lives and businesses they love while embracing their passion, enthusiasm and inspiration. \ A Minneapolis native, WildFlower is based in both Minneapolis and Las Vegas while her business operates with a global footprint, offering services and products worldwide. She has received numerous awards including a Phenomenal Women of the Web Award and being in top 5% of viewed profiles in the world on LinkedIn. a passion for business and helping entrepreneurs “Think & Act BIG”. She thinks that the biggest obstacle that most entrepreneurs face is playing too small in their own lives and businesses and challenges all of her clients and students to be courageous, step up to the plate and play the leading role in their own story. Find out more about WildFlower at LinkedIn at [www.linkedin.com/profiles/mswildflower](http://www.linkedin.com/profiles/mswildflower) or at her website:

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