What we're about

Merchise Startup Circle (https://meetup.meetup.merchise.com) has been formed to help all those who are involved in the Cuban startup scene in any way. The goal is to create a regular meetup for anyone interested in startups, tech and entrepreneurship.

We can learn from each other, do some interesting projects, recruit, get recruited or at the very least have a seriously geeky conversation with others who actually understand what we're saying.

We'll try to have a mix of tech talks and product discussions, and potentially even a hackathon or two - a hackathon is an event with no specific agenda, everyone comes and "hacks" on their projects.

If you are building - or want to build - a tech startup, if you're a VC, angel investor, or anyone else with an interest in the startup community in Cuba, then this group is for you.

The meetup is pretty informal and is a great opportunity to hang out and chat about our projects, get feedback and possibly find co-founders. We'll have pizza and beer whenever possible.

Let's get together and connect in person with our very own meetup. We look forward to meeting you soon at one of our events!

We seek sponsors and presenters! (https://meetup.meetup.merchise.com/#contact)

Past events (3)

Merchise Startup Circle v3.0, November 2015

Sociedad Asturiana

Merchise Startup Circle v2.0, July 2015

Sociedad Asturiana

Merchise Startup Circle v1.0, May 2015

Sociedad Asturiana

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