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What we’re about

"The Gathering Project" is a forum of support for those interested in the spiritual side of life. As the shifts in consciousness continue, finding those who share similar values, and experience challenges in common, seems to be a guiding force within the metaphysical community. Our Mission is to provide an avenue for growth for the novice and serious seeker through quality classes, workshops, conferences and retreats. Our vision is to inspire our members to find their life purpose and to encourage the development of their spiritual gifts. I have also founded Grab My Hand a place where we connect people looking to earn a living selling something they relate too with those people that have those services or products to sell. Thus creating a situation to help people who are struggling financially across the country. In some cases the products, services or classes are such that people have the oppurtunity to leave their corporate job. We are under development as we speak, if you would like either to become a client with something to sell across the country or an agent looking to supplement their income, contact Dawn my assistant organizer from this site.