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"My beginner’s classes help many take control of the "gifts” we possess, opening the suppressed power of our lives that sets some apart from the norm. When you take control of your own hidden powers, you don't have to be victims any longer." Walks With Thunder lives his life according to what he teaches. He is powerful in what he teaches and how he lives his life. "Everyone can do what I do. Just like the Spirits who teach me, I can't keep a good thing to myself. Come learn with me!"
Energy Healing, Power Animals, Past Life, Protection, Prosperity, Relationships, Blessings, Crystals, Stones, Guides, Angels, Fairy, Grandfather and Grandmother spirits, ghosts, spirits, elementals, and more.

Currently I am only doing classes for my apprentice program.


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Meet and greet in the Valley of the Moon.

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Remote Viewing, Skype online

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Dreams, Dreams, Let's Control Our Dreams

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