• Into the Light - Helping the Souls of Covid 19

    Online event

    ONLINE EVENT INTO THE LIGHT - HELPING THE SOULS OF COVID - 19 Sunday, September 20, 2020 $20 Register at: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84656273656?pwd=L1poYVJyNnU4MTl1OGY5bkxFam45UT0 With so many dead from this terrible pandemic, spirits are coming to me (in the middle of the night, no less), asking for help. They are having trouble shedding the fear and pain they had when they left their bodies, and that is making it harder for many of them to find the light. Join me in gathering together and helping these souls find peace and happiness. Facilitated by Anita Burns

  • Yucaipa ORACLE FEST

    Unity of Yucaipa

    LIVE, OUTDOOR EVENT! COVID-19 COMPLIANT Last year, our Oracle Fest was a resounding SUCCESS! Everyone who gave us feedback raved about what a good time they had and how valuable the readings, healings, vendors, workshops, and lectures were for them. Well, we're doing it AGAIN. Only this time we have to put a few more safety measures in place to protect all our participants. Come to a gathering of the greatest mystics, psychics, channelers, mediums and more! September 26, 2020 - 10am-4pm Admission is free Events and Services Range from Free to $40 Oodles of oracles, a day chock full of incredible lectures, workshops, and talks! AND....There will be Food. The creative staff at the Unity Yucaipa Church will be serving food in Covid-safe ways. Be assured, though that it will be yummy. TINA - ELLEN - CONCHA - KAREN D. - NICOLE - SHERRY - OLGA Tarot Readers - Card Readers - Mediums - Healers - Baby Whisperer We are still filling in our agenda for workshops, lectures, readers, and healers, so look for updates on a regular basis. Check back often to see who's going to be with us. *NOTE: Services and participants are subject to change. We will update this postings changes are made. SEE YOU THERE!!! MESSAGE IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, message, email [masked]. Organized for Unity of Yucaipa by - Tina Foran NOTE: DUE TO COVID CONSIDERATIONS, METASTUDIES INSTITUTE IS POSTING THIS FOR UNITY OF YUCAIPA. WE ARE NOT SPONSORING, ORGANIZING OR PARTICIPATING IN THIS EVENT.

  • All Hallows' Eve Spirit Speak

    Online event

    All Hallows' Eve Spirit Speak October 24, 2020 - 7-9pm - $30 Sherry Clark and Karen Delgado Hosted by Anita Burns and Tina Foran ONLINE Zoom Meeting. Register at: https://metastudies.com/content/store-2/?model_number=AHESPO24 'Tis the season for the spirits to walk the earth and talk to us from beyond. The veil is thin between our worlds and communication is stronger and clearer. This year, with such turmoil in the world, the spirits want to be heard more than ever. Join Sherry and Karen as they bring you personal messages from the other side. Sherry and Karen are clear and powerful mediums who continually give clear and true messages that can help you in so many ways—closure, understanding, reassurance, help in coping, and hope. __________________________________________________________________________________ "Hark! Hark to the wind! 'Tis the night, they say, when all souls come back from the far away- the dead, forgotten this many a day!" --- Virna Sheard ___________________________________________________________________________________