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What we’re about

Metattend is the study and application of the science that brings individuals and communities to ever greater states of wholeness. Ours is a holistic science with an emphasis on phenomenology and introspection. Membership is open to both holistic scientists and to lay persons.
Metattend works at the confluence of science and spiritual understanding by engaging in a decentralized practice of holistic science engaged with the study of wholeness. David Bohm and Goethe are two well know scientists who where engaged in the science of wholeness. Lay persons can also be engaged through the science of experience or phenomenology as well as the practice of introspection.
Wholeness is central to a spiritual or ethical understanding of the wholesome. Compassion, and loving-kindness are practices that are conducive to wholeness that are now well recognized by the scientific community.
We apply theory to engage in practices that bring about greater wholeness within ourselves, our communities, and the world as a whole. In this way we can realize the oneness of all being.