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What we’re about

This group is for small business owners (sole proprietorships to 50 employees), soon-to-be business owners, and professionals in areas pertinent to business development that are passionate about the exchange of ideas, who are interested in networking and helping like - minded individuals take their business to the next level. I work with small business owners and find that the questions asked often have overlap, so this group is designed to be a sounding board to get those questions answered by knowledgeable people who have gone before you. 

I will bring specialists in various areas of business together, which I will vet out in advance, who will create a 'mastermind group' that can be of tremendous benefit to our members. If you want to be considered for the Board of Advisors, I'll be forming that over the next few months, so let's talk! It has taken me years to develop strong professional relationships that have now been a tremendous learning asset to me, and I want to work with others with the right mindset who will also see this benefit. You will have access to monthly events where we will discuss how to expand your business reach and also put you in front of potential clients. Some events will be at my office, some will be dinner events, some will be at Board member's offices, and some could even be at yours! It's all about being creative, shaking hands, and enjoying the process!