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Detroit, MI

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Feb 21, 2014


Retired Civil Engineer with passions for building Websites, shooting/editing Video and directing LIVE Webinars.

Tell us about how you use WordPress. Or if you're new to WordPress, what you want to learn.

I taught myself how to build websites on the World Wide Web with Netscape Navigator. Then, when I wanted more control over the management of my websites, I migrated to Microsoft FrontPage. In 2001, I attended a WordPress seminar in Hawaii and was "not" impressed. It took another several years before I would try again and now I'm excited and finally feeling comfortable with WordPress. I want to help beginners get acclimated to WordPress.

What's your favorite plugin or theme?

My recent favorite plugin is Duplicate Post.

Share one of your WordPress sites. Or the URL of the site you plan to use WordPress on.

How often have you talked about WordPress over a coffee (or your beverage of choice)?

Sounds like a plan.