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What we’re about

A church in love with God, led by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Where leadership is humble, spiritual and strong. A church with great worship, where the members all walk with God and are driven by faith and unified by purpose, where mutual respect permeates the fellowship as we help each other get to heaven. Where love is supreme and easily seen, felt and experienced. A church where personal conviction is high and Grace is abundant. Where renewal and formation is constant and conflicts are resolved spiritually. A church where everyone serves, gives generously and is fruitful.A church that has a great kingdom kids ministry giving all children hope. A church where there’s great dating, great teen, campus and singles ministries, where marriages and families can thrive and shine. A church that serves the community and takes care of each other having no needy among ourselves. A church where our children become Christians and feel proud of this family. A church with strong women’s and men’s ministries A church that continually raises up new young and older leaders and is able to send out trained leaders to start new churches and new ministries. A church that welcomes everybody from every race and ethnicity and background. A church abundant in faith, fruit and fun!.