• Metrotrails 26 Year Anniversary Hike! Warren County

    Pequest Wildlife Management Area Trail

    It is that time of year once again to celebrate so many years of hiking together!
    This year, things are a little different... as stated on the hike last year, there are different consequences that would lead me to organizing this hike somewhat differently than we had done in the past.
    The main consideration on this is the fact that my little son Ev now comes on all of the hikes. As such, I want to try to make most of these routes passable by stroller. I still manage to get him over rough terrain, but some of the regular anniversary hike is rather impassable without great effort.
    We also have the problem with private properties along the way making it a bit more difficult. To curb some of these issues, we will have some parallel road walk.
    Some classic locations will still be included in the route including Hot Dog Johnny's for a late lunch stop, but we'll also have some other great stuff.
    In some ways, it's not so bad since the hike the week prior will begin in Portland where the original hike began, so that utilizes some of our past route.
    This time, we're sadly cutting the segment from Oxford to Washington. Some of it is great, but some is just too badly overgrown to push on through. As such, this hike will meet and end in Oxford. A 16 mile route is planned to end at the NJ Fish and Wildlife lot on Rt 31 in Van Nest Gap at the following GPS coordinates:[masked], [masked]
    After meeting in Van Nest Gap/Oxford, we'll shuttle with as few cars as possible to the northwest and start over in Pennsylvania on the Lower Mt Bethel Twp Trail system. We had done variations of this for the Kyle Memorial and for the benefit hike in the past. The route will take us along some easy but pretty pastoral trails, as well as the Tekening Preserve, then onward across the Belvidere-Riverton Bridge, through Belvidere where we can stop at Skoogy's, an always favorite spot around there.
    From here, we'll make our way north and pass along a bit of a trail system on the outside of town, then make our way along some back road to the former Bel Del Railroad bed. This will take us to Manunka Chunk Tunnels. Some of the group can go through, but I'll be skipping it with the stroller this year.
    From there, we simply continue on the traditional route we take every year with Hot Dog Johnny's as our stop.
    We will continue on the old Lackawanna line from there to Oxford.
    The meeting/end point is actually on the[masked] little known right of way.
    I spent way too long weighing options, considering trying to keep the hike as much the same as possible, but also wanting to keep it fresh and reasonable to pass through with my son.
    I feel that this amended route adds some really wonderful things while keeping with some classic favorite locations, and I sincerely hope everyone will enjoy it.
    The after hike celebration has not yet been determined, but I will amend this posting when we know for certain.
    If needed, contact me at[masked]