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The Morgan Hill Mom’s MeetUp is a diverse and active group of moms & kids that primarily live in Morgan Hill and the surrounding areas.

The MH Mom’s MeetUp serves as a play-group and social network for moms & kids. We have a full calendar of interesting and creative events each month.

The Morgan Hill Mom's MeetUp is geared towards moms with children with infants through early school-age. We have several “Break-Out” groups that focus on children at certain ages/stages, but we generally have activities that encourage the entire group to participate. (If you are looking for a group that caters solely to your child's age/stage, this is not your group.)

Ours is a great group of women and children, so come on by and have some fun.

We have FIVE KEY RULES when it comes to participation in our group:

1) PHOTO: Upload a photo to your member profile. It helps us to find each other at gatherings. Your photo MUST be current and of yourself or you & your kid(s.)

2) INTRO: Write an introduction…it gives a glimpse of who you are and why you want to be involved in our group.

3) You MUST attend a *HOSTED* playdate within the first month of joining our group and introduce yourself to Karen (Lead Organizer of the group.) This gives you the opportunity to get to know our group and also lets us determine of you and your child(ren) are a good fit for our established group.

4) ATTENDANCE: (minimum 4 times attending a *hosted* activity per year/once a quarter.) This is an ACTIVE group. There is an event, playdate, suggestion on our calendar practically every day. (Attending *Community Events* DOES NOT qualify you as an ACTIVE member of this group.)

5) Pay your Membership Dues within one month of joining the group. (If you fail to pay your dues, you are removed. Paying your dues supports the activities of this group and also indicates that you take your membership seriously.) MEETUP now collects dues when you join our group. If you do not pay your dues after your 30 day trial, MEETUP (not Karen or any other organizer) REMOVES YOU. You may still pay Karen in person, however, you must pay before your 30 days are up. Dues are prorated at $8 for the remainder of 2017.

Finally, Karen Fitch organizes this group. She puts much time and effort into establishing a welcoming, warm and receptive community. She was recently awarded the "2013 Asset Champion Award" from the MH Understanding and Empowering Youth Asset Conference 2013.

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