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Greetings! Meet nearby Boardgame Players! Come to a Boardgames Meetup to play old favorites with new friends. All players aged 1 to 100 are invited!

Boardgames are a fun way to socialize and stimulate your brain, they also help in children's mental development. We will play new boardgames popularly known as "designer games" or "Euros" not typically found in American retail stores.

Boardgaming is an affordable hobby which will provide much enjoyment between friends and family. We often meet in different stores and other locations around the Miami area. Don't be shy, we look forward to meeting you.

Who will enjoy this meet-up? People who liked to play any of these games: Risk, Axis and Allies, Clue, Monopoly, Heroscape, Stratego, Chess, or traditional card games such as Poker, Bridge, Hearts, etc. Note that while we play or have played all these games, new games are constantly being released that might even intrigue you more than the classics you may be familiar with.

Depending on the location, costs vary. Some locations are free, while some charge a nominal fee. Check each Meetup for more details.

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