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What we’re about

Michigan is bursting at the seams with 90+ Microbreweries. Everyone that we have tried have been better and better. We know there are people out there that appreciate good beer as much as we do so we started this group to begin sharing these Microbrewery trips with others.
We are mostly located in the Detroit area, but we love to plan day trips to the west side and up north to some of the other areas as well.
You should join this group if you enjoy trying new things, specifically great beer, and enjoying it with a great group of people.
The following things will be considered when reviewing your application to our group:
1. The answers to your questions.  The completeness and content of your answers are important to us.  We like to see that your tastes in beer fall into the Michigan Microbrew category and not the Natural Ice category.
2. Your main profile picture must be a clear shot of your face so we can recognize you at your first and subsequent Meetups.  Pictures of your dog, cat, motorcycle, favorite cartoon character or even a group shot (which one are you?) will not be accepted.
We apologize if there is a delay in your membership request.  The leadership team will discuss each new member and will notify you of our decision within a week.