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Micro Frontends Meetup - December 2023

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Micro Frontends Meetup - December 2023


The Micro Frontends Meetup for December 2023. Join us to follow and engage in discussions around the special topic for this episode: Santa is bringing modules this year.

This event can also be attended on-site! If you are in Munich and want to enjoy the talks directly, exchanging ideas with fellow Micro Frontend developers, or just grab some snacks and enjoy a wonderful evening then head to the MunichJS Meetup group - which organizes the on-site part.

For this special end of the year edition we have three talks covering modern concepts w.r.t. frontend scalability - from monorepos to micro frontends to islands and discovery services up to tooling independence and Bun.

Caution: Instead of 5:30pm CET the stream for this episode will start at 7:00pm CET.

Micro Frontends vs Monorepos - Are They Really Exclusive?
Delve into the snowy realms of scalable development, exploring the twinkling lights of monorepos with their enchanting pros and cons. Traverse the winter wonderland of Micro Frontends, uncovering migration mysteries, and decode coupling complexities, pitting Piral against other solutions in the spirit of harmony. In this holiday tech talk, discover that Micro Frontends and Monorepos, like the perfect blend of Christmas decorations, can coexist in a harmonious code celebration. Grab your tech-savvy sleigh, and let’s code through the festive season together!

Modern Micro Frontends Concepts - From Discovery to Islands
In this talk we dissect the intricacies of crafting seamless user experiences. Unveil the magic behind a Pokemon portal case study, explore the artistry of SPAs with a proxy twist, and elevate your code game by optimizing with SSR. Witness the evolution with a Piral v2 migration, navigating the ever-changing landscape of Micro Frontends. Peer into the world of discovery services, where the Piral Feed service becomes the compass guiding us through the archipelago of micro frontends, transforming the development horizon into a cohesive and efficient archipelago. Join us in this tech odyssey, where innovation meets practicality, and micro frontends flourish into interconnected islands of brilliance.

Achieving Tooling Independence - Bun Meets Piral
Uncover the significance of tooling independence in the micro frontend landscape and witness how Piral (v1) orchestrates this dance of flexibility. Get acquainted with Bun, exploring its advantages and acknowledging its limitations, setting the stage for a powerful union with Piral. Explore the seamless integration of Bun via the piral-cli plugin bridge, transforming it into a dynamic bundler in the micro frontend orchestra. Brace yourself for a showcase of demos, illuminating the symbiotic relationship between Bun and Piral, and gain a glimpse into the future development horizon. On this journey tooling independence becomes the backbone of micro frontend innovation, creating a harmonious symphony of development possibilities.

Our speakers for this event are:

Florian Weininger
Florian is a passionate software engineer working at smapiot. In the past decade he gathered a lot of hands-on experience in software development, application conceptualization, and architectural design. His journey has led him to wear various hats, from leading development teams as a Lead Developer to steering projects as a Project Manager. He also holds the title of a certified SCRUM Master.

Florian Rappl
Dr. Florian Rappl is a solution architect from Germany who is specialized in the creation of scalable distributed web applications. He is almost exclusively working on micro frontend solutions. Florian is a long time Microsoft MVP in the development tools area.

As usual you can participate in the discussion directly via the YouTube or LinkedIn chat function. Additionally, you can send in your questions or ideas upfront via the Meetup group or email.

If you want to be a guest in a future edition (e.g., to share your experiences using micro frontends or to about your project) just get in touch with us. We are happy to receive your ideas and craft the show around your content.

Reminder: If you want to attend on-site (as mentioned above) you need to register in the MunichJS Meetup event. The event you are currently looking at is for attending online.

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