The Rainbow of Death, driving automated test adoption at Google


About the Talk;

In this talk, we’ll see how a band of upstarts within Google called the Testing Grouplet followed the grain of its culture and gradually, over five years, shifted it from one in which code was “too hard to test” and many “didn’t have time to test” to one in which automated testing has become a nearly indispensable aspect of daily development. We will see how the basic forces of human nature working against that effort map to the same forces evident in other organizations.

Finally, we’ll see how a custom-tailored, multi-dimensional approach based on timeless principles—a “Rainbow of Death”—drove the development of tools and processes that ultimately produced a permanent cultural shift that helped avert a potentially significant crisis and that continues to benefit not just the company, but its customers and society at large.

About the Speaker;

Mike Bland ( Rainbow of Death

This presentation, The Rainbow of Death, is my calling card. It explains my experience driving automated test adoption at Google, and lays out my perspective on cultural/social challenges in general. If you are interested in retaining my consulting services, please examine these artifacts first to ensure my perspective and approach fits with your worldview.