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Neubaugasse 64-66/4 · Vienna

How to find us

Arriving at Neubaugasse 64-66 go through the iron gate closing the little dead end street. Walk through the street until the dead end and enter house III. On the first floor you will find RIAT behind door #4. :-)

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Hi all!

It was not just "a bit" tricky to organise THIS meetup. We even had to postpone it another time from June 14th to August 23rd. Had to rearrange everything with FIVE speakers, TWO sponsors, TWO barkeepers and ONE location. But we WANT to make that happen! :-) Because this time we will do something completely different than usual. We have many topics, many experts, many corners, and many flip charts to discuss all of them!

In just one evening you will move from discussing DESIGN and how to cut your service landscape wisely to discussing COMMUNICATION patterns to enable processes crossing several services, discussing PERSISTENCE leveraging events only, discussing built-in SECURITY for microservices and last not least getting to know and discussing a real life stack for microservices OPERATIONS.

Here are our current topics and the people who will present and discuss them with you. A big THANK YOU to all of them!

1) Speakers Corner DESIGN

Hans Sowa - "Responsibility Oriented Services"
How to cut your services to serve its actors in a proper and independent way.

2) Speakers Corner COMMUNICATION

Martin Schimak - "Orchestration and Choreography"
How to mess up service autonomy by strictly preferring one pattern over the other.

3) Speakers Corner PERSISTENCE

Daniel Pfeiffer - "Eventsourcing and Microservices"
How to do Eventsourcing in a Microservice architecture and how they play well together.

4) Speakers Corner SECURITY

Gottfried Szing - „Security (not only) for Microservices"
How a microservices architecture can be made secure by design.

5) Speakers Corner OPERATIONS

Christoph Leiter - „Real Life Microservices Operations"
How to fully automate your infrastructure. An example stack.

And here is how it works: Every speaker has a corner and a flipchart. There are x corners, so we divide all visitors by x. The topic is briefly presented to your group by the speaker, then there will be enough time for questions and discussions. And after let's say 25 minutes your group moves on to the next corner!

We are looking forward to hack the RIAT with as many of you as possible!

Thanks to our sponsors we may expect free drinks again! :-)

Thank you s-IT!
Thank you jumio!