DevSecOps for Freelancers & Developing Hybrid Cloud/Native Apps


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DevSecOps for freelancers (and everyone else)

Security should be a crucial part of any development project, but we've somehow managed to continuously ignore it during the last 5-10 years in exchange for building stuff "faster"...
And now, now we have serious data breaches every other day, and we need to find a way to take security into account, without it hurting our "performance," and that's the real challenge.

The saying says "never say never", but from today's point of view we'll never be able to automate security checkups completely, but that doesn't mean that we can't automate that "role" up to a "good enough" level, which is so much more better than not having any security checkups at all.
This is particularly important for freelancers because they're usually all alone on a project, and if they're gonna start seriously considering security as part of their pipelines, it has to be a mostly automated process.

What we're gonna cover in this talk is how to start taking care of security in your development project by tweaking your current DevOps process. You do have one, don't you? 😛
We're gonna cover what can you completely offload to automation, on what can you just keep an eye on every now and then, and what parts still require you to do manual work. Naturally, we'll also cover which tools can you use... tools which won't break your bank 😉

C ya and let's make 2019 the year DevSecOps starts to get some serious traction 😉

by Ivan Čuljak

18:45 - 19:30
Developing hybrid Cloud/Native applications

With the infrastructure increasingly moving to the cloud, developers are stuck with legacy tools, suboptimal for the new workflows. Current reality is web applications bundled using Electron to avoid having a separate native application for each platform - or native applications with web connectivity limited to licensing code.
We have started from scratch, imagining the ideal database manager for the modern times. There is a serverless API deployed in every region of supported cloud providers, close to the data. Native Windows application consumes the API via websocket for lightning-fast work. There is a web application for non-Windows platform consuming the same API. Our sacred goal is to have UI respond to your actions in less than 0.1 seconds and your data to stay in the cloud. Switching connections is instant and your workspace is preserved (like SublimeText) - you can continue working right where you left off and your small laptop has all the power of the workstation thanks to our powerful back-end.

by Damir Bulić

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