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Cyber Security for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Microsoft Store Chinook Centre

Join us for a free 2 -hour workshop and networking event to learn about cyber fraud and how to protect your business. With cybercrime at epidemic levels, it’s important for small and medium sized businesses to get cyber-savvy. In this event you will gain an overview of current, common small business cybersecurity risks, steps to take to stay safe, and how to respond if cybercrime occurs. You will also see how the cloud-based services of Microsoft 365 Business make it possible for you to protect your data and devices from one simple dashboard that is always up to date; create, connect, and collaborate with people, inside and outside your company, and enable your people to be productive anywhere, on their favorite devices. Breakfast will be available at 8:00am. Reserve your spot and register today.

Budgeting and Invoicing with Excel

Microsoft Store Chinook Centre

Join us for a free, 2-hour workshop for a hands-on, interactive experience with Microsoft Excel. As an entrepreneur, come learn the many Accounting features of Microsoft Excel and how they can simplify your tasks and increase productivity in both your home and business. During this workshop, you will learn how to: • Use Excel to create tables and organize your data • Create budgets, invoices and other Business accounting forms. • Use Excel to perform mathematical and accounting calculations • Creatively employ key new features of this latest version of Excel Space is limited. Register today! Check in; 3:30p-4p Presentation begins at 4p.

Pitching and Presentations in Powerpoint

Microsoft Store Chinook Centre

As an entrepreneur pitching and presenting is an essential part to your business growing. Join us for a free, 2-hour, hands-on workshop on Microsoft PowerPoint. Engaging, powerful and easy-to-create presentations have never been easier. During this workshop you will learn how to: • Design effective presentations for pitches and presentations • Add visual elements for aesthetic appeal • Incorporate data, charts and graphs • Make an impact by using all of the key, new features that PowerPoint has to offer Space is limited. Register today! Check in; 3:30p - 4p Presentation begins at 4p

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