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What we’re about


We are a group dedicated to providing friends and social activities to Jr. High and High School aged homeschoolers (ages 10-18). Younger siblings are welcome at most events as long as you have at least one tween or teen attending.

We meet on Fridays and some Wednesdays.

Member Rules:

1) ATTENDANCE POLICY: <br>We ask that you keep your commitment when you RSVP to an event. Many of our events have a limited number of spaces and waitlists for those spaces. If you no show for a limited space event, or change your RSVP for a limited space event less than 24 hours in advance, you may be ineligible for future limited space events. If you RSVP for an event that costs money, please note and follow the payment deadline. <br>Repeated no shows or no pays will result in removal from the group. <br> <br>2) PAYMENT POLICY: <br>Sometimes our field trips and events cost money. Payment must be made in person, at a group event, via cash or check. You can turn payments in to April. We do not accept electronic payments. Why? Because in-person, advance payments encourage participation and participation builds community. This group’s purpose is to ensure that our children find a community of friends whom they see regularly. Relationships are built through frequent interaction and invested members are more likely to keep commitments to the group. The organizers invest our own time and money into this group to support this community building. We are not simply “field trip planners.” Thank you for understanding and following the in-person payment rules.

3) BEHAVIOR POLICY: <br>Children are expected to follow the organizers’ rules on field trips. Our weekly field trips often take us into places such as businesses and museums where students will be expected to act differently than they do on park days. We appreciate parental support of enforcing field trip rules. If needed, organizers will gently remind children of the expected behaviors.