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What we’re about

Welcome! We are a group of writers that focus on middle-grade and young adult fiction. We welcome writers from all over and hope to create a safe space for everyone. Let's support each other in becoming stronger writers.

To join the meeting please follow this zoom link:
Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 898 8109 8340
Passcode: 111222

How do the meetings work?
Each writer will get 30 minutes to read their work aloud and get feedback. We only have time for 4 writers each meeting, so if you would like to have your work critiqued, please comment 'PAGES' on the meeting that you RSVP for, and we will go in the order commented. If we don't get to your pages, you will be the first to share at the next meeting. So, say you are #5 to comment for this meeting, you will be first to go at the next meeting.

How do I prepare my work for critique?
We create a google doc of our work and share it in the meeting chat. This way, those who are critiquing can make notes on your document. All of the instructions on how to do that are located at this link.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Can I comment on the feedback given to my writing?
Due to time, we prefer no discussions happen during feedback. The writer will mute themselves while being given notes. If a member has a question about the writing, they are more than welcome to ask, in which case the writer is more than welcome to answer. But please no debating! Everyone has different opinions and the critique is merely suggestion based on preference.

What if I only want to critique?
That's fine! You don't have to share if you aren't ready. We welcome all and as writers, the more feedback we get, the better!

What if I'm uncomfortable reading my work aloud?
No problem! You can ask someone from the group to read for you. We are all happy to help, and sometimes hearing your work read by someone else will give you a better idea of areas that need work.