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Web Security for Complete Beginners

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Carolina G. and David W.


This month we have a great security themed event lined up! There'll be two great talks from Mark Goodwin and Samuel King.


'Web Security for Complete Beginners (and other people)' by Mark Goodwin

This talk covers the basics of Web Security at a level suitable for web developers with little or no previous knowledge of security.

Mark will tell you what you need to know about the basics of common web security problems, how they're exploited and some things you can do to protect your applications against them.

This talk will also include some useful perspective for folks who perhaps already know some of the facts.

Mark is a software security specialist with decades of experience in building and securing Internet-facing systems. Mark currently works for Mozilla on the Firefox web browser.


'How not to get pwned by XSS' by Samuel King


Along with a talk, we will be looking to gather community input of what interests you and how NottsJS can support you! Look forward to the return of the infamous "Cool Wall" and more!

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Station Street · Nottingham
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