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We will be accepting new members in March. We will host two "Meet & Greets" for potential new members (one will be kid-friendly during the day and another will be a moms-only event at night). Please click "request to join" or send us a message if you would like details on the times and locations of the "Meet & Greets." Thank you for your interest in our group!

We are a small, close group of mothers who meet regularly for support, playdates, friendship and fun!

Who can join the Midlothian Area Moms Group?

We welcome any mother who has the time and desire to attend an active playgroup. Our membership consists of moms with infants to pre-school age children. Please understand that this group is for moms that reside in Midlothian, or a neighboring Midlothian zip code: 23112, 23113, 23114, 23235, 23236, 23832, 23838, or 23120.

What are the attendance requirements?

We ask that you attend a minimum of one event every 30 days. We are looking to build a close group of friends, so it is required that you attend at LEAST once a month. We understand that you have other commitments as well, but members who do not attend on any sort of regular basis are subject to removal. Emergencies aside, if you RSVP "Yes" please attend (no one likes a "no show") or change your RSVP to "No" with enough time for the others to see (24 hours or more in advance). Be considerate that hosts often purchase food/ drinks ahead of time based on the number of RSVPs.

Staying active in the group

In addition to our attendance requirements, please feel free to start a post on the message board or Facebook page at any time or join in an ongoing discussion. This group thrives on the input of its members so keep your discussion ideas coming. We require that all member host at least twice a year. This does not necessarily have to be a formal play date in your home. You can host at any public space (pool, park, library, Chidren's Museum, etc).

Where are the playgroups held?

Our playgroup meets mostly in Midlothian, with an occasional trip to Richmond. The events typically include stroller walks, park playdates, trips to the zoo, lunch dates and monthly mom's night in or out. The calendar is filled with events almost daily and at various times to suit any schedule.

What if I want to host an event at my home?

We're happy to have playdates, parties, and girls nights at member's homes! Please contact your organizers to set up the event or "suggest a meetup" on meetup.com.

Is there a fee to join this group?

Membership Dues are $15 a year.

Sick Policy

If your child is sick or has recently been sick, please wait an appropriate amount of time before attending play-dates. As a general rule, if you child has vomited or is running a fever, please wait at least 72 hours before returning to a meetup event (at least a week if your child has norovirus/rotavirus, the flu, RSV, hand foot mouth, croup or other highly-contagious illnesses). If your child has a runny nose or mild cold symptoms, use your best judgment to determine when it's safe to resume activities. Please do not host an event in your home if your child or another person in your family is sick or has recently been sick as germs can linger on surfaces/toys. We want to keep all of our kiddos (as well as newborns and pregnant mamas) healthy and happy, so please be considerate of others!

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