2017 Michigan Drupal Party


Hello Drupal folk of Michigan,

We hope your year has been filled with Drupal goodness and would like to invite you all to celebrate a successful year of Drupal.

Come join us on Thursday December, 21st at the Tech Brewery in Ann Arbor, MI from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

There will be pizza, beer, foosball, billiards, oh and Drupal.

We'd like to thank the Tech Brewery ( https://techbrewery.org/ ) for hosting this event for us, for free! If you're looking for an affordable co-working place, we highly recommend the Tech Brewery. Many successful start ups have their roots at the Tech Brewery, including Duo Security and Quad Metrics.

We don't have any presentations planned, just some social Drupal fun. If anyone has anything they'd like to present please let us know and we'll look to get the appropriate presentation equipment.


Tyler Frankenstein & Zak Schlemmer