• Michigan Drupal Meetup

    Symmetri Technology

    Hello Michigan Drupalers! Our next meetup will be March 7th at 7pm. We’ll meet at the office of Symmetri Technology (formerly Commercial Progression) in Northville. We’ll start out there with food and our program, and then for those who are interested, we’ll go around the corner for a drink afterwards. Please RSVP here on Meetup.com so we have an idea of how many people are coming. At the meetup, we’ll have one 30-minute presentation and hopefully a couple of lightning talks about various topics. We’ll also have open Q&A time where you can ask others for help with all your Drupal problems. Our main presentation will be “Amazing Emails from Drupal 8”. In this presentation, Wayne Eaker will show you how to generate great-looking HTML emails from Drupal, without having write any code. This is a talk that’s been accepted for DrupalCon in April, but you’ll be the first to see it at our meetup. (Full presentation description: https://bit.ly/2S0MGKC) We’re also looking for a couple of people who will commit to giving lightning talks. These will be short informal presentations of around 10 minutes. You can demonstrate a library or module you like, tell us about some new CSS feature you’ve been using, walk us through an interesting project you’re working on, or tell us about anything else you think we’d like to know. Are you willing to present a lightning talk at the meetup? Please email Wayne ([masked]) and let him know what you want to present. We’d like to get at least 2 people committed to doing these so we can announce the topics closer to the meetup date. Thanks again to everyone for supporting this group, and we hope to see you all in March!

  • 2017 Michigan Drupal Party

    The Tech Brewery

    Hello Drupal folk of Michigan, We hope your year has been filled with Drupal goodness and would like to invite you all to celebrate a successful year of Drupal. Come join us on Thursday December, 21st at the Tech Brewery in Ann Arbor, MI from 7:00 - 9:00 pm. There will be pizza, beer, foosball, billiards, oh and Drupal. We'd like to thank the Tech Brewery ( https://techbrewery.org/ ) for hosting this event for us, for free! If you're looking for an affordable co-working place, we highly recommend the Tech Brewery. Many successful start ups have their roots at the Tech Brewery, including Duo Security and Quad Metrics. We don't have any presentations planned, just some social Drupal fun. If anyone has anything they'd like to present please let us know and we'll look to get the appropriate presentation equipment. Regards, Tyler Frankenstein & Zak Schlemmer

  • Veinticinco de Mayo with Drupal and Drinks


    What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than by announcing a new festive holiday, Veinticinco de Mayo!? Join us on Thursday the 25th for an evening of casual Michigan Drupal camaraderie with cerveza, sombreros optional. We will have a projector and screen available if anyone is feeling frisky and wants to present on DrupalCon highlights or a casual code and share, email us and we will update the topic list here. If nothing else, Tyler suggested a discussion topic for the event... >> I concur, good times indeed. Let's please have another meetup in 3 months. At that time, it'd be great to start discussions for a 2017 Michigan Drupal Camp, which was proposed to be held in Grand Rapids this year. Whatever the host city, we'll need boots on the ground there to make it happen. << ~Tyler Frankenstein @ the last meetup

  • Kickoff the New Year with Drupal and Drinks


    It's been too long, but the new year will be here soon... so, what better excuse to gather, Beer and Drupal. Join us on Tuesday the 24th for an evening of casual Michigan Drupal camaraderie over a pint or two. Pick your favorite shade of hops infused beverage at ABC Brewery, "Corner" for you locals, and help us start the new year right. We will have a projector and screen available if anyone is feeling frisky and wants to present... if you have something prepared, email us and we will update the topic list here.

  • Drupal as a Service with PrintSites


    Join us for another Michigan Drupal Meetup hosted at Nutshell in downtown Ann Arbor. In addition to all of the usual camaraderie* with your Drupal community, this meetup will be host to a special presentation by Donald Wasserman and Matt Wisner of PrintSites.com (https://printsites.com/) In this presentation, Donald and Matt will provide you with a tour of the Drupal architecture for PrintSites.com through the following agenda. Drupal As A Service • What is a SaaS platform? • Benefits to using Drupal • Drawbacks • PrintSites overview • Community contributions • What we did ourselves • Key takeaways *Food and Drink will be provided... so what's your excuse?

  • Drupal 8 Release Party with Girl Develop It Detroit

    The wait is over, Drupal 8 is here, let's #celebr8d8 (https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&q=%23celebr8d8) ! Conveniently we had a Drupal meetup scheduled for the same night as the release of Drupal 8, so this meetup has just been upgraded to the... Drupal 8 Release Party: Detroit, USA Curious about Drupal? Looking to try out a new CMS? Wondering what makes Drupal the chosen development platform for top sites like... • Whitehouse.gov • Economist.com • Teslamotors.com And many more (http://topdrops.org)? Find out answers to these burning questions with an overview of Drupal for developers with Hillary Lewandowski (https://www.commercialprogression.com/user/hillary) of Commercial Progression (https://www.commercialprogression.com/). Hillary is an accomplished Drupal developer with a knack for giving back to the development community, join us for a Drupal 8 release party with training. Grand Circus (http://www.grandcircus.co/) has been a gracious host of The Michigan Drupal User Group (http://www.meetup.com/midrupal/) in 2015. This has allowed us to meet some of the members of the Girl Develop It Detroit (https://www.girldevelopit.com/chapters/detroit) community and has given rise to this opportunity for cohosting a demo / training night for all things Drupal. We know there is a strong development community in Detroit, and we believe this is the season for curiosity in Drupal to bloom. The full version of Drupal 8 (https://www.drupal.org/drupal-8.0) will be released on Nov. 19th (https://www.drupal.org/node/2605142). Now is the time to check it out, and this is the Meetup for you to do it!

  • Highlights from DrupalCon LA 2015

    Northville Square

    Did you attend DrupalCon LA? Did you learn something new that you would be willing to share with the rest of the Michigan community? We would love to have you drop some wisdom from the worlds largest annual Drupal convention. We are moving this event back west (Northville) in hopes of finding the middle ground between Detroit and Ann Arbor, less than a half hour drive for everyone! We will be opening up the floor for 5 minute micro-presenations. Every Michigan Drupal Meetup event is also an opportunity to network and become aware of project and job openings. An open community announcement section with a focus on must attend Drupal events for 2015. Summer refreshments will be in supply! See you all in June...

  • Drupal Meetup in Detroit

    Atomic Object

    The first Michigan Drupal meetup has been scheduled for 2015! As promised we will be heading to the east side and down town. Atomic Object has graciously offered to host us at their Detroit Headquarters. Hot off the heals of our recent DrupalCamp, there will be an open conversation of follow up from the presentation content. http://2015camp.michigandrupal.com/schedule In addition, we will be opening up the floor for 5 minute micro-presenations. Currently we have the following topics scheduled with openings the evening of. • Theme Debugging • Quick Win Function Implementation • Advanced Desk Snacking ...and much more! Every Michigan Drupal Meetup event is also an opportunity to network and become aware of project and job openings. An open community announcement section with a focus on must attend Drupal events for 2015. Did I mention that there will probably be pizza? See you all Wednesday!

  • Drupal Meetup - Year End Mixer

    SPARK Central

    It has been a little while, but we are on the calendar again for a Michigan Drupal Meetup with Ann Arbor Spark as our host. Brad Czerniak (https://www.commercialprogression.com/user/brad-czerniak) of Commercial Progression will be brining a short presentation on extending the webform module to do unconventional things: • Allow site users to make quizzes easily • Inject field content so it inter-mingles with form components • Make form fields trigger videos, and other uses of the 'extra' array • Create Views showing submission values from more than one form End of year celebratory libations (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) will be provided courtesy of Commercial Progression (https://www.commercialprogression.com). Plus everything that you have come to expect from a typical Drupal Meetup full of community networking opportunities. And a postscript introduction... My name is Shane Sevo (https://www.commercialprogression.com/user/shane) and you may have seen me logged as a member of this Meetup for some time, but with little engagement. I have recently switched my open source focus and gone all in with Drupal (http://www.commercialprogression.com/post/wordpress-joomla-and-drupal-why-i-jumped-ship-best-open-source-cms)! Do feel free to reach out to me (https://www.commercialprogression.com/user/shane) with any ideas concerning events and support of the local Michigan Drupal community.

  • East Side Drupal Meetup (Drupal Commerce Bundles Presentation)

    For those of you on the east side, or those of you willing to travel, we'll be getting together to discuss Drupal, show off sites we're working on, talk through questions and answers, etc. Kieran Mathieson at Oakland University has reserved a room for us to use (Room # coming shortly). Michael Fuerstnau, from Commerce Guys, will be giving a brief overview of Drupal Commerce with focus on the Commerce Bundles (https://drupal.org/project/commerce_bundle) module. Come join us for Michael's presentation, some networking, and general Q/A. Parking/Campus Map: http://www.oakland.edu/upload/images/Campus%20Map/2013parking-728px.png