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Everyday Agile


Join us on April 4th for a MKE Agile Meetup!

Vanitha Suresh has over 22+ years of work experience in a wide variety of industries such as Electrical Engineering, Fintech, Arts, Health Care, Medical Insurance, Retail, and Manufacturing. She has consistently provided progressive solutions and thought leadership in various software development/ leadership roles. She has a Master’s in CS from Drexel University & UW, Madison. She received a patent and was first author on a publication for a “System & Method for Designing Proteins” at UW, Madison. Vanitha has been using Agile Scrum on the job and beyond since 2007, and is a passionate advocate for the methodology. In her spare time, Vanitha volunteers on the board of two non-profits SciArt Services, and Melharmony Foundation. She is also a Carnatic (South Indian Classical) Vocalist & Arts Educator.

Vanitha's presentation/discussion called, "Everyday Agile" will be based on applying an Agile mindset to everyday life. Anything that is overwhelming to the modern day individual can be broken down into chunks that can be delivered over an amount of time. Vanitha will explain how she applies the role of a Product Owner when she teaches Indian Classical Music - her students are the team members and parents are the Scrum Masters. Applying agile methodology has helped her students keep up classical music through high school/college amidst academic demands. She will demonstrate that once you're in the Agile mindset, it's easy to apply to every day personal hobbies, raising children, cooking, etc.

5:30PM - Pizza & Networking.
We order based on how many RSVP. If you are unable to or suddenly able to attend, please adjust your RSVP. Thank you!
6-7PM - Presentation & Q/A

We're currently working on aligning speakers for the 2023 year. If you're passionate for Agile and are interested in speaking, please feel free to reach out to me to discuss topic and availability. I can be reached at

Thank you!

Milwaukee Agile
Milwaukee Agile
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