Past Meetup

Unhosted: Flash Mob Dance at SummerFest

Hosted by Milwaukee Fun

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Summerfest Grounds

200 N Harbor Dr · Milwaukee

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** There is no host for this get-together. ** This is an unofficial meetup event initiated by a member. Please feel free to use this page to find each other to enjoy your day together.

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Anyone interested in doing a flash mob dance at Summerfest on Sat June 28th at 3 pm, just outside the Mid entrance? Let's do the SNL version of "Happy" by Pharrell Williams shown below. It looks pretty easy to learn. We'll also need someone to bring a big boom box and 2 pre-selected volunteers to do the solo dances (made up to their own style).

Also, lets make this open to ANYONE, not just members of this meet up group. Invite your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, people of all ages, races, walks of life... anyone and everyone interested in learning the dance is WELCOME to join. So, share on your FB page or other meet up groups or wherever. Let's make it a real MOB of people joined up for no other reason than to experience and give others 4-5 minutes of simply being HAPPY!