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Salon Conversation: Friendship

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Salon Conversation: Friendship


Join our group conversation where we'll have an insightful conversation exploring the theme of friendship.


What is a friend? What type of friend are you? How do you create longer lasting friendships? How do you move away from negative friendships that bring you down?

During this week’s live-stream Salon Conversation, we’ll explore and discuss the impact friendships can have on shaping who we are and who we become.

Are you interested in participating in thought-provoking, interactive conversations all while making new friends and building our community? If so, Mindful Modern Living invites you to join our Salon Conversations where we’ll have insightful and intriguing conversations and the occasional debate.

The first salons can be traced to the early 17th century, when Parisians gathered to discuss social, political, artistic, and literary topics. Salon gatherings offer space for genuine exploration, the co-mingling of ideas, and the development of new thinking.

Mindful Modern Living is a community of unique voices and strives to remain inclusive, inviting, and safe for those who wish to discuss and/or debate topics. No matter what, our discourse will always remain respectful. Regardless of point of view, mean-spirited agitation or intentionally hurtful responses are a quick way to end further discussion and you'll be asked to leave.


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