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Stillness & Sensuality Women's Retreat 2019
DO YOU CRAVE DEEP CONNECTION TO YOUR STILLNESS AND SENSUALITY IN THE COMPANY OF OTHER WILDHEARTED SISTERS? After a magical 2018 retreat Steph Lisa Kelly and I will be hosting another Stillness & Sensuality Retreat in june 2019; a delicious deep dive for women who want turn inward and re-align in a beautiful setting with a group of like-minded sisters. We’ll be meditating, dancing, journaling, walking, breathing, visioning, and witnessing each other. This is a unique opportunity to cultivate presence in the soft space of Spanish midsummer. To celebrate the innate power and beauty of the female form as witnessed by the full moon and the luminous sun. By turning to our bodies, to breath, to movement and to nature we return home. Home to being. Completely as we are. Whole. Still. Powerful. STILLNESS Sinking into stillness we find ourselves opening, our field of awareness expanding, a pervasive peace spreading through us. A blissful emptiness – of judgment, anger, grief, anxiety – creates the space for us to listen deeply; to our intuition, to our bodies, to the greater patterns moving in the world. Cultivating inner stillness takes us into ever more subtle realms of experience, into mental and emotional freedom, into spiritual insight. It is the place we confront our demons and transcend the limits of the human mind. It is the gateway to freedom from those things we believe restrict and contain us, and the portal to a place of immense and infinite peace. SENSUALITY Our senses are a portal – the portal into our bodies and their interconnectedness with the world around them. Our bodies are our vehicle for self-expression, and the embodiment of our thoughts, desires and potential. Sensuality (literally meaning “related to the senses”) is the purest expression of being incarnated, embodying the innocent erotic and the curious and playful desire to explore the world through the senses. Our innate sensuality invites us into intimacy with life and holds the deep creative potential of bringing vision into being. It is the path to physical freedom, to reclaiming our instincts, to healthy and constructive boundaries, to transcending limiting beliefs about what we can do and be. ACTIVITIES Throughout the day we'll have a couple of group sessions, the activities will include DANCEmandala free-form movement meditation session, connective exercises (facilitated partner exercises) to discover more about oneself, nature hikes with elements of forest bathing (the retreat center is surrounded by mountains and gorgeous views), various exercises with the aim of opening the senses, movement exercises with focus on connecting to one's body (especially hips, womb and pelvis), exercises to free the voice, guided meditation, sharing circle with poetry. There’ll also be plenty of time for reflection, relaxation by the pool and naps in the shade. DAILY SCHEDULE 8am: Gentle morning practice 9am: Breakfast 11am: Group activity 2pm Lunch 5pm: Group activity 8pm Dinner IS THIS FOR YOU? This week together is an invitation. An opening into a place outside of regular time – a space in which we will deepen into a communal celebration of presence in both its yin and yang forms. You can expect expansion and transformation, deep connection with other women, space to reflect and relax, guidance and new ideas, and a wellspring of peace and joy to take back with you. It’ll be a small group to ensure an intimate and serene context – only 12 spots are available so contact us if this calls to you. OR Reserve your spot now for €220 (non-refundable deposit) (Pay the remainder by May 15th, 2019) Get all detailed info a reserve your spot here:


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