What we're about

If Mindfulness is about observation without criticism and focusing in the observation of emotions and physical sensations, Mindful Singing is about observing and feeling how your voice feels in your body and mind.

Workshops are designed for those who wish to approach to voice production and singing in a way that is close to meditation and self exploration.

Sessions contain breathing exercises, sound meditation, chanting, massage with your voice vibration, and Primal Singing Integrative TM… leaving behind competitiveness and performance-related stress, so that you can relax, let your voice go and enjoy the process.

We will also promote concerts and participative performances that you may enjoy and are aligned with the aims of the group.

This is an inclusive group. You can join no matter what your singing experience is. This is an LGBTQ friendly group, all sexualities and orientations are welcome.

Upcoming events (1)

Celebrating Winter Solstice 2019

Cambrian Community Centre

As we reach the depth of darkness of the year, the sun stops declining with a promise of light. Yule, or Winter Solstice traditions are many an varied, and as the sun is "reborn" it's a time for introspection. We will celebrate with seasonal songs of no specific faith, learned by memory (as in Natural Voice workshops) combined with movement, and ending the session in a meditation. Please bring yourself a pillow if you would like to sit on the floor to meditate (otherwise you can use a chair). Refreshments will be provided.

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Samhain special evening (Singing and Shamanic drumming)

Cambrian Community Centre


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