#TestActually with Neil Studd - Continuous Quality: Moving beyond bug reports


From Neil:

In 2015, I ran a workshop at TestBash Brighton entitled "Supercharging Your Bug Reports" (also available in webinar format on the Ministry of Testing Dojo). In that class, I outlined some of the key components of an effective bug report, with the goal of helping testers to become better advocates for problems in their workplace. Fast-forward to 2017, and my world (and beliefs) have changed. I've been working in some fast-paced environments with highly-productive teams, where life moves at a pace which is largely incompatible with "traditional" bug reporting processes.

How do you effectively act as a champion for quality when one of your most visible forms of communication is taken away? In this talk, I'll share stories of my transition: how I had to adapt, the approaches that I chose to take, and evaluate how my 2017 outlook on bug reporting compares to my previous vision.

There'll also be an interactive Q&A session, where you can share your own experiences and challenges in this area, and maybe find new ways of approaching the problems that you face.


Pure 360 offices


We will meet from 6:00 with drinks and pizza kindly provided by Pure 360 and then talk will start around 6:30.