• VIDEO: Pablo Sender, The Secret Doctrine Part 4

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    Join us for a VIDEO presentation on The Secret Doctrine: The First Fundamental Proposition and Practice


    In this lecture, Pablo Sender expounds on the The Secret Doctrine's esoteric insights and spiritual practice of the First Fundamental Proposition. This Proposition might be summarized as: there is one Absolute Reality which precedes all manifested, conditioned being. This Infinite and Eternal Cause is the rootless root of “all that was, is, or ever shall be.”

    As Pablo describes this (HINT: SEE THE DIAGRAM ABOVE), cosmology begins with the First Ray of the Absolute, "First Cause", then Pre Cosmic Unity, (the One), and then comes duality (The Two), all the way down to manifest reality and diversity. But, ultimately this cycles back to unity. All the processes described for the evolution at the universal level also describes how our own consciousness manifests, and herein lies the "practice" and practical application.

    Intrigued? Pablo Sender is a genius at breaking this all down. Please join us and prepare to have your mind blown. As he says in his talk, studying this material changes us because we cannot help but expand our own conscious awareness. This is the point of the study of Theosophy. This is exactly what is needed for these times.