What we're about

Envisioned by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the Solid project is building a more democratic and more collaborative web, where people have control over their data and consequently, more input into the apps available to them and how they interact online.
The Minneapolis Solid Project will work hand-in-hand with the developers and designers of Solid, contributing to the growth of the Solid ecosystem.
We welcome web developers, UX designers, programmers, creative types and anyone excited to learn and participate--we will all bring different experiences and skill sets, and our community will grow by educating ourselves and each other. Technical or non-technical, anyone can begin right now by getting your own pod and trying out some apps. Take some notes about your experience, and then check out the online communities to ask questions and share feedback. You can get started here: https://solidproject.org/.
We will host events in-person and online, with the self-reinforcing goals of learning about Solid, contributing to Solid, and making Solid apps. We aspire to build an inclusive and engaged community that will play a role in the evolution of a more human-centered web.

Past events (5)

Solid App MVP's and a Guest Presentation: An Open Source Opportunity

This event has passed

Building Solid Apps for Beginners

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Introducing Solid IRL

Southdale Library