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How do you know if you’ll have enough money to retire? Given the average American has saved only 12% of what they’ll need; how will you know when you’ve saved enough?

This group empowers members with knowledge and the ability to take action today to ensure they’re on the right path to their investing goals. The primary mission? Make certain members have a clear understanding of modern investing trends and techniques, how to accomplish investing goals, and their projected income in retirement to avoid retiring at their desk. Do you know if you’re paying too much in taxes? You might want to check out our upcoming tax series. Topics of discussion include the current investment markets and landscapes, investing trends, de-taxifying retirement plans, innovative investing techniques such as concentrated portfolios and sector specific discussions.

The group accommodates a wide landscape of investors, so if you’re just starting to save for retirement, or you’re a seasoned investor looking to enhance knowledge, or you’re a financial advisor interested in discussing the latest investing trends or even if you’re a sophisticated investor who is looking for innovative techniques—join us each month for an invigorating and inspirational financial discussion.

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2019 Investing Trends

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