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What we’re about

Hello Online Sellers! 

This meetup has been SHUT DOWN as of June 2018.  But have no fear, we are continuing and have combined the following two Meetups:

Minnesota eBay Sellers Meetup


Minnesota Online Sellers and Entrepreneurs

into one, final group:

Sell It Online! eBay Amazon Etsy sellers Meetup

Please leave the other two groups and join the NEW MEETUP before the July 19th meeting.

About the Sell It Online! eBay Amazon Etsy Seller Meetup

The Sell It Online! eBay Amazon Etsy Seller Meetup continues as the fun, informative place for all online sellers that it has been for many years!  Lots of information, sellers helping sellers, and great laughs.

Why the change?

In August 2015 Jean-Charles Compagnon allowed me to take the helm of the Minnesota Online Sellers and Entrepreneurs Meetup.  The group had a lot of focus on selling on both Amazon and eBay but we weren’t getting many eBay sellers.  I was concerned that the name of the Meetup wasn’t attracting those interested in selling on eBay.  That’s when I started the Minnesota eBay Sellers Meetup which met with the first group.  We gained new members very quickly and most members of one also signed up for the other.  That meant a lot of emails from me and received by all members.  Too much work and a big nuisance.

In November, December, and January of 2017/18, I ran the idea of having 1 single Meetup with a small annual fee past the members.  This would help me pay for supplies and speakers and it would encourage more members to attend the monthly meetings.  It’s very affordable at $35 per year, less than $3 per meeting!  People were in favor of it and I’ve been slowly moving toward that change.

What’s new? 

First, the annual fee of $35.  First 30 days are free so that you can attend a meeting before you decide to sign up.  Second is that I’ve added a private Facebook group just for our members.  It’s where I’ll store any files and a great place to ask questions and discuss all things related to selling online. Finally, each month one of our members does a short presentation on what to buy and/or what to sell in a category of their choosing.  Specific or broad, we share knowledge and resources on lots of items.  All the Collectible Drilldowns are saved in the Files section of the Facebook page.