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This event was canceled

CANCELLED: Transform your R code into a web API with plumber

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Gabriel F. and Francesca Sabrina V.



Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that we have decided to cancel the second MiraiLabs event "Transform your R code into a web API with plumber", planned for the 29th October.

The current situation about the Covid-19 advice not to organize social events indoors, where the possibility of contagion can be higher. To anyone following the situation, this couldn’t come as a surprise. Similar meet-ups and events are doing the same and unfortunately, the social life is being kept at a minimum.

Since the workshop was meant to be a hands-on experience and also an opportunity to meet colleagues with the same interests, we think that it makes little sense to do it “on-line”.

We hope that this situation will be soon over and will be able to resume our normal activities.

In the meantime, if you are interested in similar workshops and/or courses, you can visit our website:

Hoping to meet you in a future occasion

The MiraiLabs Organising Committee



3-hour workshop with a couple of breaks, followed by some drinks and snacks.

As this workshop has a limited capacity, we would like to make sure that we limit the amount of "no-shows" as much as possible. In order to achieve that, and to make sure that our material is in line with the audience level, we kindly ask you to register on Eventbrite additionally to the RSVP.

Eventbrite link: TO BE ANNOUNCED second half of September

4:00 pm - doors open
4:15 pm - 7 pm - workshop with two short breaks
7:00 - 8.30 pm - Apéro

Workshop details:

In today's highly interconnected world, APIs are extremely common. Data scientists typically use them to source data for their applications, but when they need to expose their own models and data services to others, they often rely on software engineers for the task. In this workshop, we will discuss how to share your data science work through APIs. Specifically, we will tackle the case of providing systematic access to your R computational processes, creating an API with the package plumber. In a hands-on session, we will demonstrate how to transform a simple R program into a web service, we will show how to create and expose an API, and we will give an overview of best practices and common security concerns.

Some programming experience is expected to profit from this workshop, and prior experience with R and basic understanding of web applications is recommendable.
The workshop will be hands on, so it is advisable to bring along a laptop. All necessary setup requirements and materials will be shared online in the MiraiLabs public repository prior to the event, and will also be accessible afterwards.

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