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What we’re about

Meetings (although scheduled) will be fairly impromptu. Please reference dates posted weekly, I will always be on sight for each one.

- The purpose of these meetings is to build an unofficial community of thinkers wishing to share their thoughts out loud free of judgement and ridicule. There is a very high chance that those who are faint of heart may feel insulted or offended by the conversation; although this is not the goal, we are seeking people who can entertain conversations of intensity that continuously challenge the mind.

This group is contoured for those between the ages of 20-30. All that is required is your presence, an open mind, and the will to have persistent conversation that does not divulge into anger in the presence of points/topics of conversation that you may not agree with.

This is not a safe space. This is a place for freedom of expression, thus all are welcomed, and none are shunned as long as the conversations/topics of such do not specifically target an individual with the goal in mind of making them feel less than they already are.

Meeting dates and times will be posted weekly, all within age range and meeting prerequisites are welcome!