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What we’re about

Have you purchased a new camera and are not sure how to use it? Do you have some photography experience and want to learn more? Would you like to experiment with some of the modes in your camera other then AUTO or P? Then this is the group for you. This group is for all beginner and intermediate photographers that want to learn and practice in an environment where you do not have to be embarrassed to ask any sort of question about photography or how to just use your camera. All experience levels are welcome.

This is a place to interact with many levels of photography and to learn from each other, interact with other passionate photographers and to help you understand photography better. Some topics to be covered: basic camera functions, getting out of Automatic or P mode, the exposure triangle, introduction to flash, the camera modes, composition & posing people, how to take flattering portraits, choosing the right lens, what to look for when purchasing your next camera, photographing children and babies, balancing flash & available light. We always welcome suggestions for workshops so if there is something with photography you would like to learn more about please let us know!