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What we’re about

This Group is perfect for Empowering Yourself. Come and join us on our international tour as we motivate, Educate and Empower All Entrepreneurs at all stages of their business by creating meaningful business relationships and connections. Our mission is to provide improvement and support and to create educational and informative platforms for entrepreneurs, and those who aspire to improve life skills and business. Our mission is to Create a powerful network of philanthropically-minded business women. We aim to empower by building their self-confidence by allowing their voices to be heard through various workshops, seminars, retreats and hands-on volunteer opportunities, networking events, and mentorship. All of which are designed to enriched each member as they contribute in building a strong community.Your contribution matters and will make a difference, however big or small it may be.

We plan to offer a variety of professional and personal development workshops, programs and seminars to fulfill our mission of empowerment through education. Topics range from financial planning, starting your own business, work/life-balance, leadership, self-esteem, self-defence, health and wellness, transition,Family planning, substance recovery, much more......

Our organization provides you with a wide range of facilitators and key speakers that will work closely with your organization to provide workshops and seminars to suite your organizations perspective needs. Our educators are highly trained and specialize in self improvement and life coaching.

We work closely with a number of social service organizations to provide services and facilitators that are flexible and knowledgeable in their perspective fields. Providing participants with social and developmental skills for personal development and growth. We welcome the opportunity to partner with your organization to provide women in business with a supportive environment where they can grow, expand and create solid foundations in life and business.

Please contact our program organizers to customize your ideal workshop, seminar or networking event

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