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This group's all about the music: gig-going (and inadvertently, drinking) are our main currencies, but we also like some club nights (Twisted Circus at the Mash House is a current fave), and host our (fairly) regular Mix-Tape evenings where we get together, chat about all things music, exchange playlists / mix cds (or tapes if you're more olde fashioned - we did try gramophones but they didn't prove to be so portable!), and get an education about beer (and cider, ... and lemonade for that matter!!). The music scene in Edinburgh has been a bit lean thus far in 2016, but things finally seem to be picking up again, and we've got back to posting near-weekly events and seen some great sets (and some truly awful support slots)!!

The group was started by friends with a taste for indie music and gigs, that they felt wasn't being catered for by other meetup groups, but as it's grown we've become more outward-looking (as our Mix-Tape nights have shown, between us our tastes go pretty much everywhere!!) This group's more about the local music scene, so we don't tend to bother with the sort of gigs you have to book six-months in advance: we're as cheap and lazy and indecisive as the next person so we much prefer to turn-up and pay on the door. Our regular haunts are Henry's Cellar Bar, the Wee Red Bar, the Electric Circus, and the Voodoo Rooms, but we've been everywhere in Edinburgh that's bigger or smaller. Currently, our favourite local bands are Numbers Are Futile, New Urban Frontier, Tryptych & Flo, and Lo-Bird. We're about new music, and as the arch-drude Julian H. Cope might express it: we like forward-thinking motherfuckers, so we don't do covers bands and we don't do tribute bands.

We try to schedule events for most weekends, but if there's a good gig in mid-week we'll go then as well. We're always open to new sounds and like to encourage enthusiasm, so all members are welcome to suggest events and anyone that's attended regularly can become an organiser - if you've met all the regulars, you'll have more of a feel for the group. Ideally we want as many organisers as possible, covering as wide a range of music as possible, so that there's always something on and always some new music to explore! The more active members we have and the more tastes we can cover, the more interesting our get togethers' become: the current plan is to hold a Mix-Tape night every few months, but we'll see how that goes...

We basically work like a university indie society that's broken it's boundaries. It's open to anyone who wants to join, so give us a go and become a mix-tapper!!

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