What we're about

Discover people who are traveling in your city, or the local people who are in the city you're traveling to! People are interested in what you know, share!

Practice English with an American, share a food recipe with a Brazilian, learn a new yoga pose with a Japanese or make beer with a German! MIX activities are up to your imagination!

The more you discover people,
the more you discover you!

Cultural exchange is the seed for cultural cohesion.
The MIX Movement is a community connecting cultures!

What's a MIX? It's an acronym for Mutual Interest eXchange
Every MIX follows these guidelines:

~ A MAXIMUM of 8 participants (up to 4 locals & 4 travelers). This allows for a meaningful cultural exchange!

~ Organized in public spaces (never at someone's home), like cultural/social centers, museums, hostels, parks, cafes, etc. This gives people who are meeting strangers some peace of mind.

~ The MIX Activity's theme, time, and the location are chosen by the MIX Moderator (ME!). The MIX Mod is not a teacher, but a cultural liaison who shows up early, guides the introductions, helps with language barriers and encourages everyone's participation. The theme is up to the imagination (food, music, yoga, climbing, hiking, photography, we've ever done Coffee At A Cat Café 😂). Mods DO NOT get paid, ask for a donation, or promote products or services. The moderator is an #ActiveCitizen who wants to connect people because they believe in the power of cultural exchange!

Now Accepting Applications For
The Founding 500 MIX MODERATORS!

Why Mod MIXs?
-Easy & fun way to be an #ActiveCitizen.
-Great experience for translators, event planners, social workers.

-Use our logo on LinkedIn!

-Special "Collaborator Access" to MIXMovement.com. Plus, the first 500 Mods get a unique "Pioneer" badge on their profile, forever!

Required Skills:

-A confident, conscious and clear communicator.

-Multilingual with 2nd language at least a B2 level of proficiency.

-A self-starter who is able to consistently work independently with integrity.

Want to apply to be a MIX Mod? Fill out the Google Form and we'll get back to ASAP: http://tiny.cc/hv9k1y

MIXMovement is a social enterprise with B Corp ambitions!

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