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Share Your Hobbies, Change The World!?

MIX Activities allow you to share your culture and discover others while doing what you love! How? EVERY MIX Activity is a Maximum of 4 locals and 4 travelers. Real, meaningful experiences!

The activity is up to the imagination, from BBQ’s in the park to going to see a pro football match, the activity you choose to go to OR organize is up to you!

"Cultural exchange is the seed for cultural progression"

MIXs = Mutual Interest eXchanges:

~Up to 4 Locals & 4 Travelers

~Located in public spaces (parks, cultural/social centers, sports stadiums, hostels, colleges/universities, etc.)

~Organized by Moderators who help with language barriers & encourage a healthy exchange.


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Observatory MIX

Volkssternwarte München

You want to get insights into the miracles of astronomy and want to have a fascinating few on our Universe? Then come join me visiting the Bavarian Public Observatory in Munich! 19:15 Pre MIX Meet-Up 19:30 Official -NO Phones- Introductions 19:45 Buying the tickets 20:00 Begin of the guided tour (in English) 22:00 Official Close of the MIX The cost of the tour is 6€. It is 4€ as reduced admission (students). I will be wearing a green hat, and grey pants. Looking forward to meeting you! Meetup, Couchsurfing & Facebook Events created to inspire participation: https://www.couchsurfing.com/events/observatory-mix http://meetu.ps/e/GqFhf/xWKbM/f https://www.facebook.com/events/601359810287649/ -------------------------------------------------------------- About MIX Movement for Culture X: MIX= Mutual Interest eXchange Every MIX is a Maximum of 8 participants, MIXed of: ~Natives: From the city. ~Locals: Now live in the city ~Travelers: Visiting the city *It’s up to you to identify if you’re a native or a local! If you reserve, please leave a comment saying which of the three you identify with in conjunction with the city the MIX is in. Each MIX has the very important: “Official No-Phone Introductions”. 5 minutes per participant is added to the schedule for this. This IS the MIX! The MODerator is trained on how to break the ice, and they help with language barriers. After, the participants go to the planned event or do the activity, together! All MIXs are located in public spaces, never at a private residence. Moderators are not to ask for donations or promote products and services. mixmovement.com A Socializing Network Connecting Cultures

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Ping Pong MIX


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