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MIX: Azulejo Art Walk in Porto
Portugal is known for the beautifully designed azulejos tiles covering buildings. From historical scenes to complex geometric patters, the variety in designs you'll see is endless. Porto is no exception to this! In this MIX, we will take our art supplies and visit some buildings with noteworthy azulejos in Porto. Bring your favorite art medium that is easy to move with - pen and paper, colored pencils, markers, a camera, watercolors (only if you can be portable with these). You don't have to be an artist! One great thing about this art walk is that you can practice copying patterns that already exist and be inspired. Locals, come share your favorite examples with visitors to your city. And maybe you'll start seeing your own home with new eyes! We will meet at Padaria Ribeira in Baixa at 11am to do some introductions, then walk through a few different spots right in the area. MIX = Mutual Interest eXchange An activity connecting a maximum of 4 local people and 4 travelers who share a mutual interest in an art, skill or hobby. MIXs are organized in public spaces, and guided by a bilingual moderator who is not getting paid, will not ask for a donation, and will not promote a product or a service. The moderator is an #ActiveCitizen who wants to connect people because they believe in the MIX Movement. You can learn more at Thanks for participating! Links to the event on: Facebook: Couchsurfing:

Padaria Ribeiro

Praça de Guilherme Gomes Fernandes 21 · Porto

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