Elm: A new approach to building the front end

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The Javascript ecosystem has a multitude of options for how to build and structure your front-end application. It seems like there are n + 1 frameworks, where n is the number of Javascript developers. But how do you prevent a front-end application from getting fragile or complex as it grows in functionality? How can we increase the quality of our front-end application, yet retain simplicity in our code? And what about performance? Can we make our app fast as its complexity grows?

Enter Elm, a new language with a focus on building safe, reliable, well-architected and performant front-end applications. I will present an introduction to Elm, with a focus on what sets it apart from the myriad of other options available to the front-end developer. This talk will be very heavy on demos and examples, showing you the syntax, features, performance and tooling of the language. Ever see a time-traveling debugger? No? Then you won't want to miss this talk.

Joel Clermont

PHP and C# developer living in the Milwaukee area. Organizer of Milwaukee PHP and Milwaukee Functional Programming user groups. Addicted to learning, teaching and growing the developer community. Currently obsessed with functional programming.