Getting Started With React

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React. It’s so hot right now. Steven Hicks is a full-stack web developer with nearly 20 years experience. He will be speaking on Angular 1 searches are declining on StackOverflow, and React and Angular 2 are taking over as the front-end frameworks of choice.

In this session we’ll talk about why so many teams are choosing React. We’ll discuss the basics of building a React application - the Who, What, and Why.

Then we’ll dive into the How. We will look at how to easily get started building a React app, using the create-react-app tool. We’ll talk about setup, development, testing, and deployment with create-react-app.

If you’ve heard the buzz about React but you’re unsure of how or why to start using it, this session is for you.

Event space provided by Ward4! Food and drinks provided by Centare!