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Covering much of the Southeast Wisconsin area, "The Metro Milwaukee Role Playing Guild" is a meetup for tabletop RPG and board game enthusiasts. Formerly "The Milwaukee Dungeons & Dragons Meetup," we have expanded our selection of systems and extended our range for meetings.

Membership is free, and suggestions are always welcome for new brands of games or venues for events. If you wish to become an Event Organizer to schedule regular events, please contact one of our friendly Organizers.

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Lamentations of the Flame princess, Swords and Wizardry
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I am looking for people who are interested in playing rules lite/ rules elegant systems. I have several fun Gonzo rpg settings that I would love to run. Weird Gonzo settings with mega dungeons and non-tolkien infulence, think more Lovecraft, Howard, Ashton Smith, Moorecock. all great settings and adventures. Some examples being Maze of the Blue medusa Deep Carbon Observatory Fever Dreaming Marlinko Death Frost Doom Islands of the Purple Haunted Putrescence You don't play superheroes like pathfinder or D&D you play rogues and adventurers just trying to rob a temple, kill cultists and see really weird stuff. If that interests you rsvp and we can make this a reoccurring game. P.S. If you ever liked Thundaar the Barbarian you'll really enjoy my style of gaming.

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