Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), RaphaelJS


Our friend, and group member Marc Grabanski (you know him from his JQuery Mobile presentation at October 2012 meetup) will be presenting at our January session. Please note that we had a good enough response on our call for presentation topic ideas. We are summarizing this and will shortly start scheduling presenters for our future meetups. Thank you!


6:00pm to 6:30pm - Networking session - we meet in the meeting room T-4550 - please take elevators by cafeteria to go straight to the 4th floor meeting room. Please read note below regarding this session.

6:30pm to 6:45pm - Brief review of the list of submitted presentation ideas/topics by Juliano M. He doesn't know this yet ;-)

6:45pm to 7:00pm - Member spotlight (TBD)

7:00pm to 8:30pm - SVG and RaphaelJS talk by Marc G.
Computers screens come in all different sizes. To handle graphics for different cases, most web applications serve multiple different sizes of images. Now with retina displays it is only compounding the problem. With SVG Scalable Vector Graphics your graphics can scale up and down with ease.In this session, Marc will teach you how to start using SVG and some of the pros and cons of using it to build web interfaces. He will also cover RaphaelJS and provide you with tools to make working with SVG more efficient and work in a wider amount of web browsers.

Special note on the networking session:

This month, let's aim for networking on the 4th floor meeting room rather than in the first floor cafeteria - we will still devote first 45 minutes for everyone to go around and introduce themselves to each other, but we will do so in the room where we meet to see how well it works.

Presenter Bio: (This could be you at our future meetups - Contact one of the organizers to present at future sessions).

Marc Grabanskis background is in open source. He was the creator of the jQuery UI Datepicker project. Marc is now focused on connecting the worlds experts in order to create the highest quality education possible through workshops and events. Recent events he has created include Day of JavaScript on Mobile at Google HQ and Frontend Masters Workshop Series at the MJG Workshop Center.
Marcs deepest area of expertise is in building UI-intensive applications. He has built out countless diverse interfaces with the MJG International team by partnering with product leads who need their dreams built out. Lately hes been working on projects with SVG/RaphaelJS and separately on web applications built on top of jQuery mobile.

Marc runs a frontend web development training website at