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Discussion: Religion, the Bible, and Jesus Christ

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Religion, whether you have one or not, influences all of our lives, especially in this country. Thus, understanding religion is important to understanding ourselves and others... which is integral to spiritual development.

Within the context of the Cayce readings, we will also delve into teachings from the Bible and from Jesus the Christ.

Many people who consider themselves "spiritual seekers" also consider themselves "former Christians". What are you? Do you believe the Bible is literal truth? Are you a Christian, but with some slight modifications?

Here are some readings from Cayce on this topic:

"More wars, more bloodshed, have been shed over the racial and religious differences than over any other problem. These, too, must go the way of all others; and man must learn--if he will know the peace as promised by Him--that God loveth those who love Him, whether they be called of this or that sect or schism or ism or cult, the Lord is One."[masked]

"All religious faiths have their element of truth"[masked]

"Science and religion are one when their purposes are one."[masked]

"...The Bible has passed through many hands. Many that would turn that which was written into the meaning that would suit their own purposes, as ye yourselves oft do. But if ye will get the spirit of that written there ye may find it will lead thee to the gates of heaven... read it to be wise. Study it to understand. Live it to know that the Christ walks through same with thee."[masked]

And much, much more...