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The NW Mediumship Association is undergoing a rebirthing that launches in 2019. This new program carries forward the wisdom of our founders that have gone before us and will include new learning and training topics that are geared toward meeting the modern day needs of the next generation of mediums and the intuitive artists.

Beginning in February 2019 our group will officially become:

Modern Day Mystics Academia

A Community in Pursuit of Fulfilling our Soul’s Promise

We'll include a wide range of intuitive modalities to serve and support the many ways in which we are called to share our gifts in the world. Regardless of our personal gifts and life mission, we will all rely on our ability to intuitively understand the needs of our clients at the soul level and to use our intuitive, psychic and mediumistic gifts for serving others.

The 2019 program for Modern Day Mystics Academia will offer an expansive list of courses, events, and workshops both in person and online.

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Elle Gulotta, Organizer

Melissa Kincaid, Co-Organizer

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CONNECT WITH SPIRIT. An Introduction to Mediumship

Daylight Healing Center


MEDIUMSHIP FOR MODERN DAY MYSTICS "Have you ever had an unexplainable, mystical or spiritual encounter that sparked your curiosity?" Your awareness of these mystical experiences are possible because you are a spiritual being having a human experience, making you innately capable of identifying spirit energy or experiences that come to you directly from the spirit world. As a Modern Day Mystic you can utilize your gifts for responding to the current needs of humanity and your mystical encounters are your personal guide map to discovering your unique path of Spirit Communication. This is what we call Mediumship. All spiritual gifts, including the gift of Mediumship are chosen by our Soul. Some will be aware of the gift of Mediumship early on but about 3 out of 4 people who have chosen this path will become awakened later in life during big life shifts. In essence, big life shifts and changes awaken us. Once we feel or hear the call of our Soul to deepen our relationship with our self and the spiritual realms, it is through our desire to learn, our dedication to practice and our commitment to personal growth that we are able to reach our potential for expressing our Soul's gift of Mediumship. Would you like to develop the gift of Mediumship? "CONNECT WITH SPIRIT" class will teach you the foundations of Mediumship. We'll cover the basic principles for building your personal power, for enhancing your awareness of the presence of spirit, and for establishing a spirit connection for direct communication. We'll also explore the many ways in which Mediumship can be expressed to help you identify your unique calling. You'll leave with sound guidance, practical tips from the masters, technical skills for your unique style of mediumship, and a greater understanding that your personal growth is the primary indicator for the medium you'll become. Each learning topic comes with hands-on exercises with feedback and validation, tools and sharing for optimal growth. Mediumship: Introduction & Paths The Language & Symbolism of Spirit Communication The Auric & Etheric Fields Awareness: The Presence of Spirit Building a Connection & Blending with Spirit Communicator The Road to Becoming a Medium: Self-Care, Trust and Surrendering Elle Gulotta and Melissa Kincaid are your teachers and guides. Together they will impart their wisdom and share their knowledge for helping you build a strong platform on which to grow your gift of Mediumship. HOW TO REGISTER: To reserve your spot, you'll need to register and purchase your ticket in advance. Here is the link: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/connect-with-spirit-introduction-to-mediumship-tickets-54069525406

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